Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation


 Organization Mission is to ensure access to justice through legal aid and implementation of high standards of justice in Ukraine.



  • Improving the form and ways of delivering legal aid in general, and free legal aid in particular;


  • Ensuring availability of legal aid to people that are in need of such aid, both in terms of territorial accessibility in terms of availability and simplicity of the procedures for its obtaining;


  • Providing legal aid in a timely manner;


  • Developing and improving the system of ensuring the high quality legal aid;


  • Strengthening influence on legal system through developing new strategies of defense and turning them into prevailing practice;


  • Developing the network of organizations and advocates that provide free legal aid;


  • Creating a platform for accumulation of intellectual, informational and financial resources in order to develop and maintain the efficient system of free legal aid provision;


  • Promoting sustainable development of the system of free legal aid provision in Ukraine;


  • Conducting human rights education work to raise the awareness and practical skills of population so that they would be able to independently defend their own rights or restore the violated right;


  • Supporting and developing the network of legal clinics of Ukraine and engaging them in the system of free legal aid provision;


  • Creating conditions for the continuous dialog between key partners in the field of free legal aid provision to ensure its effectiveness.