Performance standards

The Centers raise the level of local residents legal protection, as they have the opportunity to take the advice even when they have no money to pay a lawyer;


The Centers’ activities facilitate prevention of legal problems;

The Centers apply alternative methods of legal disputes resolution, including mediation, conciliation, etc., which promotes more efficient resolution of legal conflicts in communities;

The Centers involve representatives of the local professional community of advocates, in particular for provision of free legal aid and legal support in courts in strategically important cases, which increases the social responsibility of commercial advocates, and improves the image of legal profession in general.

The lawyers of the Centers are working on cases related to protection of communal property and to the rights of territorial community members to use the community-owned territories and facilities;

The legal aid is provided both residentially and during remote sessions to villages by prior arrangement with the representatives of village councils and administrations.

The work of volunteers is highly appreciated at the Centers. Both socially active members of territorial community and students of legal profession, coordinated by professional lawyers, are engaged in volunteering.


The Centers’ organizational form of activity is non-governmental organizations (NGOs); therefore they are independent from any power entities and political parties.