Public Defense Office:

•  is a qualified team of lawyers who provide free legal aid in criminal cases; 
•  are advocates, whose basic principle at work is to join the case at the early stages of the process - from the moment of actual detention; 
•  is legal aid, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clarification and consultations to detainees in the district militia departments, and support at all stages of the process in the future. 


In addition, Public Defense Offices, established as pilot projects, are the experimental laboratories, which offer new approaches to the delivery of free legal aid in criminal cases and ensuring the proper quality of such aid, and within which one can find answers to many questions related to the organization of an efficient system of free legal aid delivery.


How to get legal aid from Office’s advocate?

Usually, in the case of detention an employee of law enforcement body calls to the office and reports detention. Learn more about your rights when being detained here.

  • Relatives \ acquaintances \ friends of the detainee can contact the Office.
  • The Office can be contacted directly.


Office’s advocate arrives to the person detained within two hours from the moment of receiving the notice of detention.