The first working meeting


On July 26, 2013 the first working meeting within the advocacy campaign of the project “The development of the Community Law Center to protect rights of the citizens of Dvorichanskiy region of Kharkiv oblast”, which is supported by the “Rule of law” Programme of the International Renaissance Foundation,  was held.



The meeting was held in the office of Halyna Turbaba, the head of the regional council. The participants included: Oleksandr Shakhov, the deputy of the head of the regional state administration; Iryna Karpovych, the head of the department of the organizational issues; Lyudmyla Kovtun, Varvara Demchenko, Lybov Babenko, Center’s representatives; Viktor Taranenko, the head of the financial department of the regional state administration; Olena Trehub, the head of the treasury department of Dvorichanskiy district; Svitlana Moroz, the secretary of the Tavilzhanka village council; and Andriy Fomin, the editor of the “Dvorichanskiy kray” newspaper.


Halyna Turbaba told everyone about the experience of giving free legal aid in Ukraine. She accentuated that the best model for Dvorichanskiy region is to give primary legal aid by the involvement of the private individual.


Oleksandr Shakhov said that the regional State Administration cooperates with the Fund of rural communities of Dvorichna to give free primary legal aid to the district’s citizens.


Viktor Taranenko and Olenda Trehub offered 2 variants to finance free primary legal aid. The first is to write the program of financing via public organization; the second is to amend the Program of local government in Dvorichanskiy region development.


Andry Fomin said that local newspaper and radio station will systematically inform people on the free primary legal aid to the people in the district.


Svitlana Moroz, Lyudmyla Kovtun and Varvara Demchenko have also taken part in the discussion.


The result of the meeting: to amend the Program of local government in Dvorichanskiy region development up to 2015 with the section “On the organization of free primary legal aid”; to organize work to consult citizens stationary in separate room of district council; field meetings; informing in media. In financing of the events salaries, stationery, transport etc should be included. Financing could be done through the village councils budgets’ transfers.


Publication: “Dvorichanskiy kray” newspaper, # 61-62, August 3, 2013.


Reference: Community Law Center was set up by the Fund of rural communities of Dvorichna and is implemented together with local State Administration and Regional Council. Community Law Centers were established and work with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of “Legal empowerment of the poor Initiative”. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here: (“Community Law Centers”)


The Fund of rural communities of Dvorichna is working on enhancing life conditions of citizens of Dvorichna district through the development of a harmonious and tolerant community. More information:

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